We built the Abrigo iPhone case to solve a simple problem.

We didn't set out to make a case, we set out to solve a problem: we really like our iPhones, and we want to protect them. However, we didn't want to lock them up in a bulky, ugly case. We wished there was a way to both enjoy the amazing feel and finish of the iPhone, while still providing protection against scratches and bumps.

We worked together with skilled designers in order to craft a case that stayed true to minimalist roots; sleek, well made, and without any unnecessary elements. Abrigo is branding free; we believe the most iconic products are visually memorable enough to command attention without gaudy logos.

We trust that you'll enjoy using an Abrigo case as much as we enjoyed creating them. Reach out to us at if you need anything, or have any questions; we'd be happy to help.

- The Abrigo team.